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Multi-Axis Numerical Training and Improvement System

 The personalised data analytics and therapeutic platform that delivers better outcomes in clinical efficiency, improves personal performance and significantly reduces rehabilitation timescales



We have developed an advanced mechanical system for measuring human performance, known as MANTIS.


Our patent-pending MANTIS technology is uniquely configured to measure human performance data within a three-dimensional field. The system can capture complex human performance measurements that cannot be recorded by any other method.

Able to operate either isokinetically or with resistance-based movement, the variety and flexibility of applications are limitless.


Data generated from the new MANTIS system can be used to deliver advanced insights into human performance for a range of purposes, from optimising athlete performance to developing personalised rehabilitation plans.


The system is fully customisable and its capability and complexity can be tailored for the unique requirements of its users.


Contact us to find out more about how MANTIS could add value to you, and to arrange a demonstration.



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